Konzert: Dungen DE | Arte Live Web: Øya Festival 2013
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Since the late 90s, Gustav Ejstes has made music as Dungen. The multi-instrumentalist Ejstes writes and arranges all the music, but get considerable help from the other musicians to shape Dungen’s sound. You can hear elements of folk, jazz, hard rock and pop in Dungens music. Some try to classify it as progressive or psychedelic rock. The international breakthrough came with the album Take It Lungt from 2004, and since then Dungen have toured on most continents and released another three really good albums. The most recent came in 2010 and was named Skit I Alt.
About the breakthrough album Pitchfork wrote: – Ta Det Lugnt particularly taps into the expansiveness of his Swedish psych predecessors, Parson Sound, while maintaining a murky rocker edge: Imagine that band colliding with The Kinks, or Amon Dl II with Olivia Tremor Control, or Comets on Fire with The Zombies on their way to Terrastock.

Foto: Annika Aschberg